Episode 64 – A Tool for Attracting More Money

Most people would like to have money, if that’s you, try this!

I just created a very short audio and video for my latest Attraction Mindset Academy participants but I think this is such an important tool, I thought I would share it with you, too.

When I use this really basic Law of Attraction tool, money shows up – it is the darnedest thing!! lol  

It’s simple, doesn’t take a lot of time and you can do it anywhere, anytime!  

Watch above …



In my last email to you (see below) I offered all of you access to my latest webinar Get Clear. Get Focused… and I had fabulous response.  I also offered the opportunity to meet with me for a Complimentary Get Clear. Get Focused Breakthrough Session.  So many people took me up on the offer that the spots got filled really, really quickly!  And the sessions that I did were so fun and people got so much clarity and focus in such a short period of time, it was nothing short of amazing!!

Because the sessions got filled up so quickly, I decided to open it up again – so if you couldn’t find a time that worked for you before and you fit the criteria below – please make sure you go now and set up a time for us to meet.  

Here’s the original email below….

It is pretty firmly Spring here in Victoria and I have been annoying my Facebook friends with pictures of the cherry blossoms and daffodils.  I will not do that to you here – lol – but soon!

In the meantime, I have a gift for you – consider it a belated Valentines gift!!

I have been hearing a lot of people lately talking about not being clear about whats next for them or they’re having a hard time focusing and they find themselves procrastinating.  If that sounds like you, I am in the process right now of doing a free webinar that gives some specific tips to

Get Clear. Get Focused and Stop Procrastinating Webinar.

Click on the link above and you’ll be able to register for it and pick your time to watch or to watch a replay.  (Note:  this webinar is aimed at Women Entrepreneur and Executives but if that is not you, don’t worry, the information is still very relevant!!)

I also have ANOTHER GIFT for you  – this is something I am offering at the end of the webinar but YOU, as one of my favourite people, don’t have to wait until the end of the webinar to get this.  

I am offering a Complimentary Get Clear. Get Focused. Breakthrough Session (value:  $500) for anyone who is:

  1. Serious about making some shifts in their life and work 
  2. Considering working with a coach
  3. Willing to make an investment in themselves

If this sounds like you – click on this link:

If you want a few more details about the call – click here

I know this is not for everyone and I know that everyone I talk to wont be a match for the work I do and that is perfectly okay.  This is not a sales pitch session – if you take me up on this session, you absolutely will come out with more clarity and focus – that is the number one priority for me!  And as a bonus, you and I may find we would be a good match to work together or not – I am good with whatever way it goes!  

So, please, if getting clear and focused is what you think you need, please take me up on at least one of these gifts!!  I so want you to have what you want – that is my greatest desire!!                      

Enjoy your WowZone this week!!

Best of everything to you,

Karen Luniw

P.S.  If you were watching at the end of last month, I had opened enrollment to the Attraction Mindset Academy and it is going well!  There were many of you who were interested in it but it just wasn’t the right time – I get it – I heard you, so watch for an announcement really soon about whats next!  

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